Report an Outage

If your home or business is experiencing an outage,
call 952.492.8255 or 800.232.2328

MVEC maintains its dispatch center 24/7, and there is always a live person available to assist you. It is important for all members to report an outage. Please call in your outage as our email system is not checked after hours or on weekends

Automated Phone System
  • MVEC also has an automated telephone response system that activates during major storms. It will prompt you for your area code and telephone number.
  • The automated system works best if we have your current phone number on file. When calling, your number is immediately identified by our system and entered into our outage management system.
  • Data collected from outage phone calls helps us track and predict the extent of the outage.
  • The automated system can inform you if a crew has been assigned to your outage, the estimated time of restoration and the option of receiving a callback after the power has been restored.
  • Keep your phone number current to help expedite your outage restoration by submitting the following form:

Update Phone Numbers

Your correct phone numbers are important to us when it comes to outage restoration. If you call in an outage, your phone number identifies your location in our system. Please take a moment to update the following information:
  • Please enter a value between 10 and 10.